306. Supersonic Arrow

Alternative titles: High Speed Arrow; Arrow of Great Speed

I obtained 75 self-evolution points after ranking up for the second time today. But we still had to exterminate the magic beasts.

『Cheh… it’s going to be difficult maintaining transformation any more than this.』

But I’ll fire one last shot and blow them up!


Going through my thread-like extended braids, I released about 50 Stun Bolts simultaneously. Because of that, even the beasts that weren’t pierced by my threads fell to the ground paralyzed.

Ekato Keravnos consecutive attacks, steel-thread attack and in the end, wide range Stun Bolt attack. We defeated nearly a 1000 magic beasts thanks to this series of attacks and another 1000+ fell to the ground unable to move.

『I did it somehow…』

(Shishou, you alright?)

『…y, yeah』

I felt like strength was leaving my entire body. It was a sensation I haven’t felt since I had become a sword, something similar to despondency and great fatigue.

Was it a reaction to me exceeding my limits by activating multiple skills and spells? Perhaps I relied on Simultaneous Processing too much and now it was taking a heavy toll on my body. If this was the case, I’d like to inspect the skill a bit more into detail, but…

『But now is not the time to be saying something like that. I have to use everything I have at my disposal, without showing that I passed the limit. 』

Otherwise, Fran would be the one to force herself too much.




Eliminating the magic beasts from Fran’s vicinity left a wide area of empty space. However, the remaining beasts just wailed in fear and refused to approach. They would even start withdrawing the moment Fran would do so much as look at them.

It would be difficult for us to attack if the remaining magic beasts pulled back too far. Was there no other choice but to strike them with magic once more?

“As expected! Even someone as Us is a little surprised, you know?”

Although the beasts were destroyed in one shot, the Valkyrie wasn’t fazed at all. Was it because we did insufficient damage to the evil beings? However, she did seem to be a bit enraged. It was just that the rage was directed towards her allies – the magic beasts, and not Fran.

“You weaklings! You are nothing but disappointment! Though mere outriders, your exhibition of cowardice and weakness is a disgrace unbefitting of Murellia-sama’s followers!”

The magic beasts shamefully hung their heads after hearing Valkyrie’s merciless words.

“No one has any expectations of you anymore! At least, don’t let your deaths be in vain and oppose this formidable enemy in your last moments with all you’ve got! Do it for the honor of Murellia-sama!”

Those were cruel words demanding of its subordinates to die. However, the magic beasts were not upset, on the contrary, they raised a loud war cry filled with determination. Apparently, it was in reaction to the “honor of Murellia” part. There was an evident change in their presence once they heard those words.

Their eyes were now filled with preparedness to die and bore a strong hatred towards Fran.




The magic beasts headed towards us all at once. We attacked the vanguards with magic, but their advance didn’t stop even for a moment. Their resolve was so strong that fear wasn’t about to numb their movement and slow them down.

They surrounded us, nearing closer and closer, and then came at us in one go. They were rushing in blindly, perhaps intending to crush Fran to death just with their sheer numbers.

We were cutting them down while using Teleportation and Sky Jump to move around. If it were only the magic beasts, we’d be able to deal with them one way or another, but…

But that’s where the evil beings started their arrow barrage. As expected from superior races, their wave of arrows packed quite the punch. What’s more, they were shooting both Fran and fellow magic beasts. It seems they were trying to use them as obstacles to slow Fran’s movement.

“Haa!” – Fran

『The barrier is weakining—–FRAN! 』


While cutting down the rain of arrows coming from the evil beings and mowing down the magic beasts, something struck and blew away both the torso of the beast that was jumping at us and Fran’s left shoulder.

“UGUu…” – Fran


I immediately used telekinesis to catch her left arm that was blown away and activated teleportation to take us away from there.

『Fran, I’ll heal you right away!』

(What, was that?)

『The Valkyrie’s arrow!』

The Valkyrie released an arrow using the beast to blind our view. In addition, the arrow didn’t arch, but flew in a straight line. Despite piercing nearly 10 beasts on its way through the battlefield, the arrow’s speed did not decrease one bit. It was so fast that we were almost unable to react to it.

But Fran promptly managed to shift the point of impact. The arrow that targeted her heart barely missed and hit her shoulder. Shit, how many times has this already happened today!

『That was a good reaction from you!』

“……it just happened somehow?”

Fran’s instinct was as amazing as ever. However, this was bad news. If arrows this fast were to be shot in succession, we’d be riddled with holes from a distance unable to even approach them.

While I was diligently activating Dimension Shift and Teleportation to prevent the Valkyrie from aiming at us, I suggested something to Fran.

『Fran, let’s raise our sensory skills. If we don’t improve our reaction speed, we’ll be killed unable to do a thing. 』

“Nn. Leave it you.”

『 You’re okay with me deciding which skills to raise?』

“Do as you wish, Shishou”

All right, as one would expect, maintaining Dimension Shift with its massive mana consumption made it impossible to have a thorough consultation. I quickly chose the skills and spent the required points.

I maxed Danger Sense by spending 16 points on it. That also gave me the Sense Enhancement skill. Then, I spent 12 more points on Vigilance and maxed it, too. They were both skills that detected the approaching danger.

But that wasn’t all. I used another 18 points on the Lv1 Reaction Speed Up, the skill I obtained just recently from the Crimson Wolf. I ended up with only 29 points, but was able to get the skills I was expecting.

Ultra-Reaction skill, the same one that appears when Fran uses Lightning Flower Flashes[1]. My strategy to deal with the arrow was to use leveled up sensing abilities and the ultra-reaction skill.

『 I can see it!』

Immediately after, I used telekinesis and successfully knocked down the Valkyrie’s arrow. I still had to focus quite a bit, but it was nowhere near the level of just a few moments ago where I simply couldn’t see it at all.

With this, it finally felt like we stood on the starting line.

『Counterattack, commence!』


[1] 閃華迅雷:  Flash Flower Thunderclap/Lightning

Lightning Flower Flashes – Previously known as Brilliant Lightning Rush. I didn’t want to straight up just use the effort of the previous translator so I tried translating it myself. Basically, just imagine a bunch of firework bursts/flashes in the shape of flowers made out of lightning… yeah, I know…

Personally, I’d like to use “Brilliant Lightning Rush” since it sounds cooler and everybody’s already used to it. Mention in the comments what you prefer to be used in the future.

Hello again,
Let me first thank you for all the comments and the support last time. Thank you very much for pointing out the things that needed improvement and for a few very interesting discussions. I truly appreciate all feedback.
Feel free to leave any critiques, opinions and thoughts that you might have about the translation and/or story itself.
I’ll post any updates on my side and news regarding the franchise on twitter: https://twitter.com/FShishou
For those who can understand some Japanese, there’s been a new manga chapter update: https://comic-boost.com/series/86
Also, there has been a drama CD bundled with Vol 5 LN and is still up on YouTube if you wanna check it out. The voice acting (especially Fran!) was perfect imo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYjyoG-oksw
That’s all and take care~

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  1. “Even someone as Us is a little surprised, you know?”
    Shouldn’t it be either

    “Even someone *Like me* is a little surprised…” or “Even *people like us* is little surprised…”
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    1. It might be meant as the royal we. I mean, it’s a valkyrie, so using archaic pronouns would be pretty fitting, though I don’t think they would use the royal we.

      Anyone, keep up the good work.

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      1. Is it supposed to be a “royal we”? Or is she refering just to monsters currently fighting the heroes in general?


        1. Just herself. She uses the “我” pronoun and has a dignified air about her, being all high and mighty. That’s why I went with “Us” using the capital letter “U” to make a clear distinction. 🙂


        2. Then I think the “Us” works pretty well, that is certainly the effect it invoked the first time I read it..I’m not enough of an English buff to know if that is a legitmate use in English grammer though ;).

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  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    I think Brilliant Lightning Rush would be better than Lightning Flower Flashes, as it is the superior version of Lightning Rush that most evolved Black Cats possessed, if I remember correctly.

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    1. Plus while flower flash sounds cut and suits fran the technique is one that all who obtain the same evolution as her can use.

      So it should have a more normal name that suits a tiger. Not cute Fran specifically.


    1. Depending on how you look at it, this “fight” lasts anywhere between 10 to ~40 chapters.
      Most likely yes. There’s another group tl-ing this and if they start doing a decent job at a faster pace than I do, I might just jump ahead to where I currently am in the story or we might end up doing every other chapter. We might even see another group join in, who knows? We’ll see how things go from here, but I’ll definitely consult and inform everyone.

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  3. “Ekato Keravnos consecutive attacks, STEAL thread attack and in the end,” I think the ‘steal’ there was supposed to be “steel”?
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    I feel you on the Lightning Rush issue. Maybe something like,” Lightning Flash Blossom”, Or “Brilliant Thunder Burst”, splitting the difference might work.

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    1. Yeah it’s steel, I’m a brainlet, sorry…
      “Lightning Flash Blossom” sounds pretty good! I think I’ll go with that in the future. We can even use the “Flash Blossom” part for Rumina’s light version of the skill, too. Thank you!


  4. Thanks again for a readable translation!

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  5. Thanks for the chapter, trinita-san
    Thanks for continuing this series translation. Its selfish of me to say this, but i hope u can continue translating until ‘Beast kingdom arc’ is over at least
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    I wonder how long it will take for Valquiria to realize that the more pawns she sacrifices trying to tire Fran, the more she feeds the growth of power of Fran and Shishou. I’d love to see an illustration of Valkyrie’s expression when she realizes that her cowardly strategy has backfired.
    Thanks for the chapter

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    “We defeated nearly a 1000 magic beasts” -> either “nearly a thousand magic beasts” or “nearly 1000 magic beasts” (again, I recommend spelling it out)

    “If this was the case, I’d like to inspect the skill a bit more into detail, but…” -> either italics or “If that was the case, I’d have liked to inspect the skill a bit more into detail, but…”

    “Fran will be the one to” -> “Fran would be the one to”

    “Eliminating the magic beast from Fran’s vicinity” -> “Eliminating the magic beasts…”

    “in one shot, Valkyrie wasn’t fazed at all” -> “the Valkyrie”

    “Magic beasts shamefully…” -> “The Magic beasts shamefully hung…”

    “They resolve was so strong” -> “Their resolve was so strong”

    “Valkyrie released an arrow” -> “The Valkyrie released an arrow” (you may want to add ‘the’ to the preceding dialogue text too)

    “……it just happened somehow?” -> three dots for an ellipsis please?

    I’m for using “Brilliant Lightning Rush”.
    The previous translator is fine with it I guess?
    > “I really don’t give a shit. As far as I’m concerned, no one should be translating it because it’s licensed. If they insist on doing it, then what they do with regards to terms isn’t my business.”

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  8. Unless Fran creates flower illusions while using the skill, I think “Brilliant Lightning Rush” works better.

    “We were cutting them down while using Teleportation and Sky Jumpto move around. If it were only the magic [beats], we’d be able to deal with them one way or another, but…”



  9. Very readable good job but please replace shishou with Master I have been reading 200 chapters of this novel and master was used all this time


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