305. War Maiden and the Headless Knight

Suddenly, an army of evil humanoid beings arrived.

Seeing them standing there lit up our fighting spirit. However, something bothered me.

(“How did they come here?”) – Fran

Right, how was such a majestic army able to come all the way here without us noticing it?

『I didn’t feel their presence…』
『Then again, we were in the middle of a fierce battle with the magic beasts. There’s a possibility we simply didn’t notice them.』

Or perhaps, it was some kind of art or skill. We carefully observed the army of evil beings.

Hobgoblin Spearers occupied the front row, holding their pikes ready. Behind them, I could see Hobgoblin Archers and Hobgoblin Magicians. Followed by High Orc Warriors, High Orc Shileders, High Orc Bladers and High Orc Snipers. Further behind were Minotaur Soldiers and Minotaur Lancers. These seem to be the main army members.

Hobgoblins are threat level E. Orcs and Minotaurs threat level D. However, situated in a place even further behind were even stronger beings, one might consider to be commander’s personal guard.

Minotaur High Magician, Minotaur High Swordsman and Minotaur Axe Masher are supposed to be threat level D, but are much closer to being a C than a simple D level beast.

After all, High Magicians can use high-level magic such as Flame Magic and High Swordsman possess Sword Master Arts.

In the group of minotaurs stood, for a head higher from everyone else, a perfect example of a threat level C – Minotaur Dark Paladin. An incredible skillful opponent that uses Axe Master Techniques, Shield Master Arts and Darkness Magic. It was a spectacular sight witnessing four of them lined up like that.

However, none of them was the commander. Inside the wall of minotaurs was the commander, the one I believed shot from the bow. Next to the commander was what I assumed to be its adjutant. Even though I was a sword, once I appraised them I felt a sensation similar to my back muscles tensing up.

It was already troubling enough that they could lead an army of high-ranking evil humanoids, but to make matters worse, the ability of the two was far above the rest.

Race name: Valkyrie – Killing Archer : Fairy: Tenma Lv 66

(TN – Evil Spirit/Sky demon/Demon from heaven) courtesy of elephantNo5

HP: 1352              MP: 2387             STR: 682               STA : 563              AGI: 1339

INT: 1002             Magic Power: 1298          DEX: 889


Coercion: Lv 6;  Invisibility: Lv 3;   Stealth: Lv Max;   Wind Magic: Lv 7;   Bow Technique: Lv Max; Bow Master Technique: Lv 5;   Bow Arts: Lv Max;   Bow Master Arts: Lv 5;   Fear Resistance: Lv 7;   Vigilance: Lv 4;   Presence Detection: Lv 5;   Presence Blocking: Lv 7;   Illusion Magic: Lv 6;   Sword Technique: Lv 8;   Sword Art: Lv 8;   Herculean Strength: Lv 6;   Confusion Resistance: Lv 7;   Regeneration: Lv 8;   Commanding: Lv 8;   Abnormal Status Resistance: Lv 6;   Spear Technique: Lv Max;   Spear Master Technique: Lv 4;   Spear Arts: Lv Max;   Spear Master Arts: Lv 4;   Sword Attribute: Lv 7;   Drive/Ambition: Lv 4;   Light Magic: Lv 4;   Magic Detection: Lv 6;   Magic Release: Lv 6;   Night Vision; Energy Control (tn – known as Vigor); Troops Morale Enthusiasm (tn – basically they get crazy about her); Pain Dulling; Steadfastness; Floating; Footsoldier Support; Magic Self-recovery; Magic Manipulation.

Inherent Skills – War Maiden

Titles – Advancing War Maiden

Equipment – War Maiden’s Spear, Bow, Costume.

Race name: Dullahan Ghost: Magical Beast Lv 1

HP: 1588              MP: 693                STR: 781               STA : 727              AGI: 587

INT: 200                Magic Power: 521            DEX: 714


Intimidation: Lv 5;   Stealth: Lv 4;   Flame Magic: Lv 3;   Presence Detection: Lv 6;   Fear: Lv 9;   Presence Blocking: Lv 3;   Sword Technique: Lv Max;   Sword Master Technique: Lv 2;   Sword Arts: Lv Max;   Sword Master Arts: Lv 2;   Herculean Strength: Lv 8;   Instant Regeneration: Lv 3;   Abnormal Status Resistance: Lv 9;   Shield Art: Lv Max;   Shiled Master Arts: Lv 4;   Shield Technique: Lv Max;  Shield Master Technique: Lv 4;   Abnormal Mind Resistance: Lv 9;   Sword Attribute: Lv 7;   Fire Magic: Lv Max;   Magic Resistance: Lv 6;   Magic Detection: Lv 8;   Magic Absorption: Lv 7;   Lightning Resistance: Lv 4;   Night Vision;   Energy Manipulation; Pain Negation;   Magic Manipulation.

Titles – Headless Knight (TN – can be translated as Faceless or Expressionless)

Equipment – Evil Stone Knight Sword, Anti-Magic Steel Full Body Armor, Anti-Magic Steel Shield, Barrier Ring.

(TN – evil stone is similar to magic beast’s stone, but from evil beings; weapons get stronger when they are used in the making process)

In fantasies, races such as Valkyrie and Dullahan were considered to be among stronger ones. They both had a status of and surpassing threat level C. Valkyrie is B, and although Dullahan is a bit weaker, he is one step into B category, too. On top of that, they are both very balanced.

Valkyrie’s power was especially terrifying. Her appearance was that of a long, blond haired beauty. Sparkling in the morning sun, her golden armor was giving of a solemn impression. She did not look like a monster at all and I would even say she had an air of divinity to her. Despite her looks, I could feel a great sense of intimidation even at this distance.

In contrast, the Dullahan with his large build was clad in jet-black full plate armor. Unlike how Dullahans were often depicted with their heads held under one arm, this one had its head on its shoulders as every normal person would. Although, I do not know if it could come off or not. I couldn’t discern its facial features nor its gender either, since its entire body was completely covered without a single crevice or gap.

What’s more, they both possessed terrifying abilities. Valkyrie’s inherent skill “War Maiden”, supporting martial arts skills, reaction speed increase could be said to be plain, but are all very powerful skills. Furthermore, her title “Advancing War Maiden” hides a tremendous power.

Advancing War Maiden: a title given to war maidens who have met all the conditions.

Effect: When leading an army of 100 or more soldiers, all skill effects from the stealth and mobility system possessed by the war maiden extend to the whole army. The effects greatly decrease if not under direct command.

This is it, the reason behind why the evil army was able to appear so close without us sensing it. What’s with this broken ability!

Since there’s a note about them not being under direct command, that means as long they are recognized as a subordinate, there will be an effect on them even if the army is away. Was there an effect on the magic beast army too? It would seem that we were able to detect it thanks to the effect greatly decreasing. However, if that effect didn’t exist at all, perhaps we would’ve been able to discover it earlier.

Dullahan’s “Headless Knight” title provides regeneration enhancement and an increase of the absorption group skill effects. It’s simplistic, but makes him difficult to destroy.

I said that Valkyrie was a B threat, and individually that may be true, but taking into consideration the ability to command an army, it may as well be an A threat. Well, it depends of its subordinates, too.

“Hmm. You have quite fast reflexes. Though small fry, you were able to hold back this number of magic beasts all on your own. You also avoided my arrow even if it’s the first time you’ve seen it. “

They must be using wind magic. Valkyrie’s voice reached us all the way here.


We also used wind magic in the same manner and tried to ask a question.

“You can also use magic. Well all right. I am Murellia-sama’s servant. A war maiden who controls the army.”

“Murellia? Is that the mastermind behind this?”

“Well now, who knows?”

“… … Why are you doing something like this?”

“I really don’t know anything. Whatever the case may be, it has nothing to do with the likes of you who will perish here. If you peacefully surrender here, I’ll let you die without suffering?”

“That’s my line.”

“You, who is exhausted after fighting magic beasts all night, think you can win against Us?”

“I think. Easily.”

“Fuhahahaha, I like it! It was worth coming out here just for this! It’s great when the prey struggles! Now amuse Us to the best of your abilities!”

I thought she was a battle enthusiast, but she seems to be more of a hunter type, I guess? The type that likes fighting battles that it can win.

“Archer unit! Release the arrows!”

Cheh. I wanted to talk more and get some more information, but that seemed impossible now!

However we did find out the name of their boss, presumably the dungeon master, Murellia.

Following the Valkyrie’s order, the evil beings who held a bow pulled the bowstrings simultaneously in an orderly manner. Then, they released the arrows at the perfectly same timing. And with that, the life or death battle had begun.

『We need to close this up first!』

I entrusted Fran with the defense against the arrows while I plugged the gap in the wall by using Great-Wall. It was impossible to fight off the magic beast invasion while dealing with the evil army. So I wanted to prevent them from going any further, but…

“Hellflame Great Arrow!”

Valkyrie released an arrow that struck the wall a little bit away from us, making a great explosion and leaving a massive hole in it.

『Cheh! 』

“Hahahahah! Hellflame Great Arrow!”

I used the Great-Wall once more to make another wall, but it was just destroyed again by the Valkyrie’s arrow. This is bad, we won’t get anywhere like this.

Magic beast started marching towards that opening. In the meantime the evil beings kept attacking from a distance. No good would come from us defending against their attacks and simultaneously fighting the magic beast. Is there no other way but to give up on the magic beasts…..? No, I can’t do that. It would be against what Fran wishes to do.

Isn’t there something I can do? Anything?

I used simultaneous processing to the fullest and searched for the optimum course of action. As long as the Valkyrie was here, the wall could not be closed. If that was the case, then we should decrease the number of magic beast as much as possible. Annihilating them all might be the best option in the end.

The attack with the widest area of effect that I currently had was Ekato Keravnos (TN –“100 lightning” in Greek) which could summon 100 lightning bolts from the sky. If I were to release them consecutively over a vast area, it would definitely bring down a great number of magic beasts. One lightning can take down one low rank magic beast and also has a paralyzing effect on the surroundings.

However, it is a high tier magic spell. If we use it ceaselessly to destroy over 3,000 magic beasts, we’ll run out of MP in no time. After that, we’d be in a disadvantage against the evil army. Or rather, we’d be insta-killed.

It would be good if I could absorb some magic stones in order to accumulate a bit more magic stone points… A way to absorb magic stones and make a wide range attack…? Such a way doesn’t—.

No, it does. The way I am right now, I should be able to pull it off? I focused and tried using transformation. I was able to manipulate my blade better than expected. This might work!

But before that, let’s use up the MP. It will be completely restored when I rank up anyway. I used Ekato Keravnos one after the other.

『Haaaa! Eat this! 』

Nearly 500 lightning bolts rained down on the rear of the magic beast army. I didn’t have the time to aim, but with how many of them there were, it was bound to strike quite a few of them. I could see magic beasts who were directly hit being blown to pieces and others being charred by the strikes that nearly missed them.

Furthermore, I shot one on the evil beings, too. It was more to blind them than to do any significant damage. It would be great if it could take down a few though.

I purposely attacked the magic beasts in the back rather than the ones who were near us. I deliberately left them so that they could become my feed.

『Fran, endure the arrows for little while! 』


Good, I could concentrate fully this way!

『Haaaaaa! Magic stones, give them to meeee! 』

I activated transformation with all my power. However, I didn’t transform my blade as I usually would do, since it would be dangerous for Fran if she lost her weapon. The thing I manipulated were the braids hanging from my hilt. From the very start, I always used my blade when transforming, but both the hilt and the cord were also a part of me. They also get repaired when I use restoration after all. That being the case, I should’ve been able to manipulate them, too.

Magic Control, Energy Control, Simultaneous Processing. Using them to the maximum, my transformation reached levels incomparable to anything I had previously done.

The braids responded to my will and changed their form into 10 steel threads. Then, they stretched through the sky like tree branches, and kept spreading sideways further and further while ramifying themselves even more. Of course, they devoured everything in the way, piercing right through the magic beasts’ stones.

『Kuh, I’m reaching my limit….』

It seemed that the limiter was my processing power rather than magic power. Although I didn’t have a brain, it felt like my head was burning. No, maybe it was because I didn’t have a brain that I felt that way, anyway it was dangerous.

『But…. It’s here!』

It was the second rank up of the day! Because I absorbed a lot of magic stones, the number of magic stone points jumped at once.


Author’s note: Since there were already many status notes in the main text, I’ll put Shishou’s status after ranking up in the postscript.

Name: Shishou

Wielder: Fran (fixed)

Race name: Intelligent Weapon

ATK: 882               Magic Capacity: 6250/6250          Endurance Points: 6050/6050

Magic Conductivity: S-


Appraisal: Lv Max, Appraisal Blocking, Transformation, High-speed Self Restoration, Self-evolution:

[Rank 15 – Magic Stone Value: 10569/12000 – Memory: 151 – Points: 75]

Self-modification [skill superiorization], Telekinesis, Telekinesis small increase, Telepathy, Attack small increase, Space-time magic: Lv Max; Skill Sharing, Wielder’s Status Medium Increase, Wielder’s Recovery Small Increase, Heavenly Eye, Seal Negation, Magic Capacity Small Increase, Magic Beast Knowledge, Mage, Memory Medium Increase.

Unique Skill

The Principle of Falsehood: Lv 5;  Dimension Magic: Lv 4.

Superior Skill

Sword Technique: SP;   Skill Taker: SP;   Multiple Body Creation: SP;


I hope you were able to somewhat enjoy this translation. I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to continue this project, but I intend to finish the fight at least. It might take some time though…

Translation style: since I’m not to fond of localisations, I opted for a more literal translation approach and trying to keep the number of sentences to a 1:1 ratio as much as possible. I wanted it to preserve that “Japanese feeling” when reading a novel, but as a result the text can be a bit clunky at times. Although there isn’t much dialogue in this chapter, I also decided to keep all the honorifics (-san, -chan, -sama…). Also, I think I’ll leave the sword’s name as “Shishou” rather than “Teacher/Master,” but I’m not sure about that yet.

About TNs, I could put my in the end if you think that they’re too much of a bother in the story. I personally prefer them next to the place where the translator feels the need to clarify something, that way I don’t have to scroll all the way down and lose my momentum. Feel free to inform me if you disagree. I plan to keep the number of them to a minimum, though.

If you have any complaints, suggestions or you simply want spoilers, feel free to leave a comment or contact me here: https://twitter.com/FShishou

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  15. Hey there, thanks for the chapter!

    “Hobgoblin Spearers” -> would be beter as “Hobgoblin Spearmen” if referring to soldiers, as “Spearer” is closer to fishermen that use spears, and isn’t that used these days

    “and High Swordsman possess Sword Master Arts” -> “and High Swordsmen possess …”

    “a perfect example of a threat level C – Minotaur Dark Paladin. An incredible skillful opponent that uses” -> Should be plural “a perfect example of a threat level C – Minotaur Dark Paladins. Incredible skillful opponents that use”

    “Axe Master Technique” -> If it refers to a skill, I suggest making ‘Techniques’ plural “Axe Master Techniques”

    “Even though I am a sword” -> “Even though I was a sword”

    “Race name: Dullahan…” -> I think it would be helpful to add a line to separate the two statuses?

    “Valkyrie’s power was especially…” -> “The Valkyrie’s power was especially…”

    “In contrast, Dullahan with his…” -> “In contrast, the Dullahan with his…”

    “an army of 100 and more soldiers” -> “an army of 100 or more soldiers”

    “…didn’t exist at all we would’ve been able to discover it earlier perhaps” -> “didn’t exist at all perhaps we would’ve been able to discover it earlier”

    “… … Why are you doing something like this?” -> use only one ellipsis? I don’t know why Japanese authors like to chain 6 dots all the time, but three are always enough when using the latin alphabet

    “You, who […], think that can win against Us?” -> “…think you can win against us” or “…think that you can win against us”

    “Magic beast started marching” -> “Magic beasts started marching”

    “No good will come from” -> “No good would come from”

    “As long as the Valkyrie is here, the wall cannot be closed” -> “…was there, the wall could not be closed”
    the rest of the paragraph should be past tense too. The previous translator would make this paragraph (starting on “As long as…”) in italics, to show it’s inner thoughts and not narration (and leave it present tense)

    “could summon 100 lightning bolts” -> “could summon a hundred lightning bolts” for round numbers and for single digits you should usually spell them out

    “No, it does. The way I am right now, I should be able to pull it off?” -> you should also put these two sentences in italics, or past tense

    “I could see magic beast who were” -> “I could see magic beasts who were”

    “others being charred by the strike that nearly missed them” -> “others being charred by strikes that nearly missed them”

    “so that they can become my feed” -> “so that they could become my feed”

    “give them meeee” -> “give them to meeee” or “give meeee” or “gimmeeee”

    “but both the hilt and the cord are also a part of me” -> “but both the hilt and the cord were also a part of me”

    “The braids responded to my will and changed its form into” -> “The braids responded to my will and changed their form into” or “…their forms into”

    “It seemed that limiter was my processing power rather than…” -> “…that the limiting factor was…” (you could technically use “my limiter” but I don’t recommend it)

    “maybe it’s because I don’t have a brain” -> “…I didn’t have a brain”

    “I’ll put the Shishou’s status…” -> “I’ll put Shishou’s status…”

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